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Packaging & Delivery

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Packing & Delivery
The stone material is usually packed in seaworthy wooden pallets. The size of wooden pallets depends on the size of the material or in case of box packing the size of the corrugated  and styrofoam boxes used for packing the material.
Shrink packing is also available on request.
The pallets can be handled or lifted by forklift or crane etc.


Quantity in one 20’ feet container
The quantity of the material in a 20 feet container depends upon the thickness of the material. For the general idea , please refer the following chart :
Thickness Of The Material Approx. Quantity per 20 feet Container
07  15mm 700  750 sq.meter.
10  20mm 600  650 sq.meter.
15  25mm 450  500 sq.meter.
25  35mm 300  350 sq.meter.
35  45mm 240  290 sq.meter.
45  55mm 175  225 sq.meter.
10-12mm (Guaged-packed in Corrugated.Boxes) 825  875 sq.meter.
12-14mm (Guaged - packed in Corrugated.Boxes) 750  800 sq.meter.
Normally we stock material in rough form and generally take 3 to 4 weeks for processing and delivery to the Indian Port. Transit time from port to port is extra.